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Clifford sold his car to First Team

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Clifford Sold His Car To First Team

Clifford sold his car.  He started looking on-line but preferred to complete the transaction in person.  First Team worked to ensure he had the most up-to-date value for his car and that he received it quickly.  He appreciated the expedited service we look forward to working together again.

Read what he had to say about selling his car to First Team:

Clifford:  My name is Clifford Abbott I sold my car to First Team in October 2021.  My experience selling to First Team was fantastic the entire way.  I did everything in person, they walked me through everything that they were going to be doing. They took really good care of me throughout the entire process.  They made sure that I was paid very very fast. It was way over anything that I ever imagined for it and they made sure I even knew what was going to happen to my car after I sold it to them.  I would  recommend selling to First Team, I would  recommend buying from First Team, doing maintenance with First Team, everything about First Team has been great from start to finish.  I wish I got to work with these folks more in the future. 

get best price to sell car so he sold his car

Clifford’s Story is like so many of our Customers.  They worry about getting the best deal and having stangers visit their home and drive thier car when they sell it themself.  First Team made it easy for Clifford and they will make it easy for you!

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