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Mark Sold His 2019 Nissan Murano

Mark Sold His 2019 Nissan Murano to First Team

Mark had done his research, he knew what his car was worth, and he wanted to enjoy the benefit of sselling from home, wihtout having to sacrifice the selling price.  He found both:  the best deal for his car and the convenience of selling it from home.  

Read what he had to say about selling thier car to first team:

Mark:  My name is Mark Hunter and I happily sold to First Team this morning; the fifth of January 2022.  We were thinking about going with Carvana and First team stepped right up and said “Hey! try this”.  So I went online and it asked for that information about the car:  license plate, mileage, that kind of stuff.  and then, within a few minutes I got the offer, and it was a very good offer and so they reached out to me later on.  I would one hundred percent recommend First Team if you are looking to sell a car, it was a super easy process and the price was very good.