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Is your Subaru Lease expiring soon? We would love to help.

Subarus are amazing and its always  suprising how fast time has gone by.  Hopefully owning your Subaru has been a great experience and it has been a valued part of your life over the last few years.  We understand that there are some SubaruLease customers that may not know what to expect when the lease is coming close to an end.  To assist we have pooled together resources to ensure you have all of the information to make a decision at the end of your Subaru Lease.  

Subaru Lease End Options

Buy or Lease a New or Used Vehicle

Customers that currently Lease a Subaru vehicle are eligibile for additional discounts and rebates at any one of our Dealerships. Not only will First Team help you process the end of your lease for no charge, they will also help you find your next vehicle and provide exclusive discounts.  

Purchase Your Leased Subaru

Still in love wiht your Subaru-we understand!  First Team will help you through the process of purchasing your lease Subaru.  First Team will take care of all of the paperwork and find the best terms for your loan. 

Sell Your Leased Subaru to First Team

Did you know that you may have some equity in your leased Subaru?  That means it may be worth more than what the purchase option price is.  First Team will make this easy by making you an offer to purchase your Subaru.   

Return Your Lease to First Team

If you no longer need another vehicle, already purchased something else, or just want to turn in your lease-First Team is here for you.  

Not sure which option is best for you? Let us help.

How to Return Your Leased Subaru Vehicle

Turning in your Subaru Lease is pretty easy at First Team.  We help customers every day in this process and help you focus on what is necessary.  Getting your Subaru vehicle ready to turn to First Team is easy as well, becuase we take care of a lot of the little things that normally would be done by the Owner–at no cost to you.  Here  is a simple checklist of things you will wnat to take care of, prior to bringing it in. 

-Take a good walkaround of your car.  Bumps and bruises happen, and often without knowing that it happened.  Look for scratches in which the paint was damaged, dents and even missing pieces.  If you find something, do not fix it without talking to First Team.  Some items may not be charged against you at all so you could spend money unnecessarily.  Also, First Team can help you determine if there would be a charge to you-and what that may be.  Remeber:  Wear is normal, the concern is for excessive wear.  This will help you make a financial decsion – so you know if it is worth your time and money to make a repair.  (They also may offer to purchase the vehicle as-is)

-Make sure you have made all of the payments made, and there are not any miscellaneous fees owed to Subaru Financial Services.  If you are not sure, First Team can help you to verify this. 

-If you are not sure, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if your State requires license plates to be returned at the end of your lease.  

-You will likely receive a call from AutoVin to schedule a complimentary inspection of your vehicle.  This is not required, but may provide you some peace of mind if you have time for it.  This usually occurs between 15 and 60 days from the date of the lease ending. 

The easiest rule to remember, in returning your Subaru is “Dirt doesn’t hurt”.  While it is appreciated to have the car free of debris, and cleaned, it is not necessary. Dirt is part of regular wear and use, tears inside the vehicle and stains are different of course.  If this has happened to your Subaru, First Team can help you understand if it needs to be fixed, and how to best accomplish that.  

It is normal as well, over the course of ownership, for items that came in the vehicle, to get displaced.  Here is a simple check list of items you will want to make certain are still in the car when you return it. 

-2 sets of keys

-Owner’s Manual

-Toolkit/Spare Tire/Jack


-Any original equipment that your vehicle had when it was made )radio, headrests, 3rd row sear, cargo covers etc)

On the day of the return, make sure you check your Toyota for items that belong to you.  Doing a careful search of the vehicle will help.  Be sure to look for items like garage door openers, CDs/DVDs, documents in the glovebox and phone chargers.  Open all of the compartments, and don’t forget the pockets behind the seats and spaces under the seats.  First Team will let you know if they find something in the vehicle, but we would hate for you to lose anything that is well hidden. 

Also make sure that you clear your personal settings from the Radio system and deprogram the integrated garage door opener if you have one.  If you are not sure how to do that, just let First Team know and they will handle it for you.

To ensure that your time is best utilized, it is recommended that you set an appointment for the Lease return.  This helps First Team ensure that they can take care of you return quickly and efficiently.  First Team will be glad to answer any questions that you have and will help you be confident about the return and knowing if there are any other costs that may exist-as well as help you avoid those added costs.

When you arrive, you will get to meet the expert Subaru Lease Return Team.  They will talk to you about the process briefly, and explain what to expect.  Then they will walk around your Subaru, look for items that could be a concern, and will notate how many miles the vehicle has.  Next, there are a couple of simple forms that will need your signature, such as an Odometer statement to acknowledge the current miles.  The process is pretty quick. 

Keep in mind, this is NOT a meeting with a Sales Professional.  They are there only to help you with your Subaru Lease return.  

First Team will notify Subaru Financial Services that your leased vehicle has been turned-in.  If you decided not to complete a voluntary inspection with AutoVin, an inspection will be completed at First Team within a few days of returning your Subaru. 

Subaru Financial Services will send you a Lease End Invoice, after the inspection, if you have any unpaid payments, late fees or miscellaneous charges.  If there is EXCESSIVE use or wear on your Subaru, or if you have exceeded the allotted miles, that will be included on the invoice as well as a Disposition Fee if applicable.  If you paid a security deposit when the vehicle was first leased, that will be returned to you via mail.  Remember that Subaru Financial Services, under certain circumstances, may not charge for excess wear and use damage.  

Lastly, if you had set-up automatic payments with Subaru Financial Services, you will want to cancel those.  You can do that through this link (Click Here)

  • As an appreciation of your Loyalty with Subaru Financial Services, TFS will waive the Disposition Fee (up to $350) if you:
    Replace with a New or Certified Subaru or Lexus financed or leased through a participating Subaru or Lexus dealer and TFS or LFS within 30 days before or after return.2
    Or have had three or more Subaru Financial Services or Lexus Financial Services accounts.2
    2 Delays in termination, often as a result of delayed grounding or early return with remaining payments still due, may prevent TFS/LFS from applying the waiver prior to billing. Due to statutory requirements, customers who originated in NJ may receive a bill for a disposition fee prior to the application of the waiver. Disposition fee may be waived in other circumstances

Need To Return Your Lease Early? Here is what you need to know.

  • Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act (SCRA): Eligible service members may terminate their lease agreement prior to the scheduled maturity date without early lease termination charges. You must contact us at 1-800-644-1941  to determine eligibility.
  • Gold Star Military Program*: Eligible service members and spouses of service members who have suffered death, a catastrophic illness or injury may be eligible for early termination. You must contact us at 1-800-401-9743  to determine eligibility.

* Cancellation or forgiveness of lease obligations may be taxable as income.  Please contact your tax advisor for more information 1-800-662-3325

  • Transfer of Lease: If you have someone who is interested in taking over the lease contract and obligations to the lease agreement, please contact us at 1-800-644-1941    to learn more about transfer criteria and options. 
  • Probate Lease Cancellation*: In the unfortunate event of death of all parties on the lease contract, there may be eligibility for early termination and forgiveness of any remaining lease payments. You must contact us at 1-866-401-743  to determine eligibility. 

* Cancellation or forgiveness of lease obligations may be taxable as income.  Please contact your tax advisor for more information 

You can purchase your leased vehicle or Sell to First Team.  If you would like to return your vehicle, you may have an early return balance.  Subaru Financial Services will calculate your early return balance.  Where applicable, SOA will use the lowest calculation of this balance based on your lease agreement.  You  will get a Lease End Invoice 60-120 days after return as calculation of your balance may be determined after the vehicle is sold at auction.

Reveiw the section above “How to Return Your Leased  Vehicle Subaru e to learn how to prepare and what to expect upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions about Subaru Leases

If you’re curious about your mileage allowance, the easiest way to find it is by looking at your lease agreement.

If you can’t find your lease agreement – no worries – Contact First Team and they can assist you.

Hey, it happens. If you do go over your mileage allowance, you may be responsible for paying for the overage amount.

We recommend checking out your lease agreement to find details on any potential charges.  If you can not find your lease agreement, contact First Team and we can help!

If removing an item does not result in the vehicle being damaged, or does not prevent it from being equipped as it was when it was purchased-absolutely.  Some items, like adding a hitch, may result in unsightly holes left in the vehicle.  In this case it is better to leave the hitch than to take a chance that there is a cost for damage.  For items like aftermarket stereos-the leasee would have to reinstall the original radio prior to returning the vehicle.  Note:  If you are buying the leased vehicle-condition is not evaluated or charged by the leasing company. 

If you purchased Excess Wear & Use Protection, you should be in great shape to avoid most charges, and here’s what you’re covered for:

  • Each eligible event valued at $1,000 or less
  • Each eligible missing part or equipment valued at $200 or less
  • Up to $5,000 in excess wear and use charges

If you didn’t purchase Excess Wear & Use Protection, we’ll still be here to help. Our biggest recommendation would be to call and schedule a complimentary inspection1 appointment with AutoVIN. That way you can fix any damage and there won’t be surprises at lease-end.

1Available to Subaru Financial Services lease customers that do not reside in Alaska or Hawaii and whose leases did not originate in New Hampshire or Wisconsin.

It probably seems obvious, but damage that is beyond normal wear and use is considered excessive.

If it helps to see some examples of what’s considered excessive, check out our SOA’s Wear And Use Guidelines. We also recommend reviewing your lease agreement as it includes additional excess wear and use information specific to your vehicle.

Just a heads-up, though, the examples provided may not include all instances of excessive damage that could subject you to additional charges based on the terms of your lease agreement.

Of course. In fact, we encourage you to schedule a complimentary inspection1 and to review the  Wear And Use Guidelines to see whether your vehicle has wear and use that is considered excessive.

If repair work is needed and you’d like to make repairs prior to turning in the vehicle, First Team is a great option to assist you. Be sure to keep all of your receipts for repairs made and review your insurance policy to see if any items may be covered.

If your damages exceeding normal wear and use aren’t repaired, it can result in charges at lease termination.2 All charges may be subject to sales tax.

1Available to Subaru Financial Services lease customers that do not reside in Alaska or Hawaii and whose leases did not originate in New Hampshire or Wisconsin.

If repairs are made to your vehicle, you or the dealer may request an inspection upon turn-in. Under certain circumstances,  SOA does not charge its lease customers for excess wear and use damage. See your lease agreement for additional information

This is a complimentary service conducted by an independent inspection company to assess the condition of your vehicle and provide an estimate of wear and use charges that could be due at lease-end.1

1Available to Subaru Financial Services lease customers that do not reside in Alaska or Hawaii and whose leases did not originate in New Hampshire or Wisconsin.

It’s super easy. You can either call or visit AutoVIN 15 to 60 days before your lease ends to schedule an appointment.1

Just remember to have your VIN number and SOA account number if you want to make your appointment online.

1Available to Toyota Financial Services lease customers that do not reside in Alaska or Hawaii and whose leases did not originate in New Hampshire or Wisconsin.

Our Lease Experience Team members are experts in Subaru Leases.  They can assess your vehicle and advise if there are items that may have excessive wear and use charges.  Often, we have Subaru Leasees that stop by to just ask a question.  We are glad to assits.  

An inspection is only required when returning a leased vehicle and does not have to be done prior to the lease return.

AutoVIN, an independent inspection company, conducts the inspection.1

All AutoVIN inspectors undergo training to ensure that vehicles are inspected according to the SOA Wear And Use Guidelines.

1Available to Subaru Financial Services lease customers that do not reside in Alaska or Hawaii and whose leases did not originate in New Hampshire or Wisconsin.C

If you have already had your Subaru inspected, and decide to perform repairs, you can request an additional inspection.  To do so, just contact Subaru Financial Services  at 1-800-644-1941 to request that an additional inspection take place.  You will want to do that to ensure that there are not charges for repairs you already made.

Still have questions? We have some answers for you.