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Robbie and Destiny sold thier Car to First Team

Robbie and Destiny Sold Their Car To First Team

Robbie and Destiny of Hampton Virginia were very pleased with their experience.  They found it easy to get the highest value for thier vehicle, find thie value for thier car on-line and enjoyed the no-hassle approach to selling thier car.  

Read what they had to say about selling thier car to first team:

Robbie:  My name is Robbie

Destiny: I am Destiny.  

Robbie:  And we sold to First Team about a month ago.  Our experience with First Team was great.  It was easy.  Everything was streamlined.  They offered a good price for the car and we got our money very quickly.  

Destiny: Yeah we would recommend First Team 

Robbie:  They treated us well.  Everything went smooth.  Yeah, if you ever think about selling your car I would definitely talk to First Team.