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Sell Us Your Car

Take the first step to Sell us your car.  All you need is your license plate number or Vehicle Identification number.  Our tool will find all of the specific information about your car, saving you time. Next the system compares your car, and the information that you provide, to hundreds of other cars that have been sold in Virginia, or your State.  It then compares it other vehicles that are for sale to understand the Market value for your car.  To ensure the pricing you get is accurate, it is important to be accurate in how you describe the vehicle. 

What you will need to know to sell us your car

Here are the key items that you should know before entering your VIN number or License plate number. 

Mileage:  Please be as accurate as possible.  If you are off by a few miles, that is ok.  Entering in mileage that is much higher than actual can result in a lower trade value, likewise, entering in mileage that is thousands of miles lower can also inaccurately raise the valuation.  Also, certain mileage values affect the value more than others.  In example, if your vehicle has 99,000 miles on it, it is worth more than when it reaches 100,000 miles.  You will want to sell us your car before it reaches 100,000 miles.

Accidents:  This can often be vague to the owner.  If you are not the first owner of the car, you may not be 100% sure if it had an accident before you. That is ok, just respond based on what you know.  Also, small incidental contacts like a shopping cart ding do not constitute an accident.  So no need to include that.  Value is affected when a vehicle sustains real damage.  Frame impacts, body panel replacements, paint work and trim replacement as a result of some level of a crash are what affects a vehicle’s value.  

Vehicle Interior:  Since every vehicle is reconditioned before it is sold at First Team, we do not worry about dirt.  What can affect your car’s value is if it has a stained carpets/seats, has been smoked in, has rips, tears or gouges, or if there is a smell in the car.  It happens, we just assess what it will cost for our team of professionals to correct the challenges and use that value against the car.  Don’t worry, we can often remedy it inexpensively and often does not affect the actual value of the car.

Keys:  Every new vehicle sold new has two keys. It is not uncommon for one of those keys to become lost over the ownership experience.  At the same time, customers purchasing a used car want to ensure that they have two keys to the vehicle they are purchasing.  This includes remote controls or key fobs.  

Loan/Lease Payoff:  Your payoff does not affect the value of the vehicle.  What is owed on the vehicle in no way increases or decreases a vehicle’s value.  This information assists with the overall process.  If you are uncomfortable with answering or not sure, you can leave it blank or enter $1.  

Contact Information:  The tool is built to make real offers to individuals.  Since these offers are cataloged in our system, to save you time, we ask for your name and email address to send the information directly to you.  In some cases we may need some additional information to produce a firm offer for you to sell us your car.  In those cases we will reach out to you directly.  First Team has a dedicated team of buyers who are here to serve you.  Feel free to contact us and utilize them as a resource and ask any questions about the process, or your vehicle’s value.